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Dinner With Peace of Mind

As I was making date night reservations for dinner tonight, I was reminded how simple it is to develop a budget and have a plan for my money. People who don't budget, live from the balance of their checkbook. Living by a checkbook is like having only one category to...

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Budgeting is no Joke!

If you’re having financial troubles or living paycheck-to-paycheck and not sure how to fix it, budgeting can save you from a lot of undue stress. So what exactly is a budget? It’s foreseeing your future income and expenses and planning accordingly. Personally, it’s...

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Wouldn’t You Prefer Freedom Over Slavery?

Everyone I know would prefer to be free than enslaved. But when it comes to our finances, we fall short of ever reaching that freedom. It's sad that only 4% of Americans will ever find that freedom at retirement age. (See my Blog...

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More Than A Budget

Over the years, I have had many people take that step of faith and walk up to the front of the classroom and cut up ALL of their Credit Cards. Not because they decided to implement a budget, but because they decided that they needed to change the direction of their...

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The $10 Graduate Plan Toward Retirement

Today is graduation for our local school district. Four years of growing, learning, developing, planning and hard work will be recognized tonight at the formal ceremony. Thousands of other young adults across the nation will be recognized for their accomplishments...

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Heart of Every Dollar

The heart of every dollar is the interest rate. If you are paying interest, you have a weak heart. If you are earning interest, you are financially healthy and have a strong heart. Ever notice that when a bank advertises loans, the APR for personal loans are anywhere...

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