Everyone I know would prefer to be free than enslaved. But when it comes to our finances, we fall short of ever reaching that freedom. It’s sad that only 4% of Americans will ever find that freedom at retirement age. (See my Blog https://waypointsfinancialservices.com/are-you-an-average-american/)

Why is America so complacent with their finances? There isn’t a single family I know that has not or is not experiencing some type of financial crisis or storm, but most of these families will not attack their situation with vengeance. Why is this? Why do people live for today and not plan their tomorrow? Why would anyone want to remain enslaved in their financial situation? Is it because people just don’t want to take the time to develop a plan? Is it that they are afraid of what their actual numbers look like? Do they feel that a plan is too restrictive to their lifestyle? Or is it that they just don’t care and would rather deal with their situation some time later…which will actually turn into never.

Why are we so afraid of commitment? Why are we so inclined to live it up today even if it means borrowing on credit for your life desires? Doesn’t anyone understand that there is power and freedom with a plan? I choose freedom…that means I live by a plan, never borrow money, live within my means, invest 15% of my income for my future and monitor every penny that I spend. I will live my retirement years in Freedom….will you?

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