Most people live their daily lives in a rush writing checks, swiping cards, paying bills, buying gifts and accumulating debt. But, they don’t take the time to pay themselves and invest for their retirement future.

In fact, 63% of Americans at age 64 are dependent on Social Security, Charity or Family members for their support. Only 4% of retirees have enough money set aside to serve their needs and only 1% of retirees are considered wealthy. This is not ok!

The average savings for a 50 year old is only $42,797 but the average cost of medical treatment for 65 year olds over a 20 year period is $218,000.

As of today, 38% of Americans say they are not investing anything for their retirement, but 80% of adults between the ages of 30 and 54 believe they will not have enough money put away for retirement.

Why do we find it so difficult to develop a plan for our future? Is it a lack of motivation? Is it a lack of understanding? Or are we just creatures who believes that it’s ok to delay retirement planning till tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes?

My friends, your future depends on YOU to make it happen. Without a substantial inheritance or a lottery win, you will be included as “An Average American”.

Please do yourself a favor and develop a plan that will allow you peace of mind as you approach your Golden Years. Get motivated, stay motivated and change your Financial Journey.

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