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We will guide you no matter where you are on your Financial Journey

Are you looking for guidance on a specific financial matter?

Are you experiencing emotions that have resulted from a bad financial decision?

Are you in a financial crisis situation or a financial storm?


Are you looking for a plan that will eliminate all your debt and build an emergency fund?

Are you trying to save for future purchases or pay your home off early?


Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?


Are you lost and overwhelmed with your personal finances and need to be pointed in the right direction?


Are you not quite sure how to Pay Attention, Organize and/or Prioritize your Financial Journey and Life?

Are you thinking of a way to continue your education or fund your children’s education?

Are you unsure about investing, insurance and other financial products?

Our Services and System

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Our Mission

is to navigate, teach, encourage and inspire others to live and lead a
Financially Free Life.

What Our Clients Are Saying

To Future WayPoints Financial Clients, Feeling frustrated with my financial situation and not truly feeling like I have control over my finances I sought out to educate myself
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Neel Patel, MD

“The experience John provided me and my wife was definitely well worth the money spent. Not only did he ensure a well planned out waypoint, but also made my wife a very important aspect of the program. I am sure we will thrive and achieve our goal of becoming debt free while we are in the hands of John.” v/r

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Our trust in your counsel began with you being referred to us as Certified Financial Counselors and Endorsed Local Providers (ELP), by the Dave Ramsey organization of Nashville, Tennessee.
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Are you ready to begin your Financial Journey?

“When you change the way you manage your finances, the finances you manage change.”

“We are here to provide you Hope and a Plan to help you reach Financial Freedom.”  

– John B. Murdock, President, Founder and Owner, WayPoints Financial Services, LLC

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