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John was crucial in helping us make serious progress toward our financial goals. He opened our eyes to new ways of thinking about our financial behaviors and ways to save money. We looked forward to our meetings as John’s jovial nature made us feel more relaxed as we honed in our budget.

John has an expanse of knowledge that spans across many of life’s challenges, which allows him to respond thoroughly to all questions. With each obstacle, John helped us identify barriers and work on strategies for meeting our goals. Over a period of six months working with John, he has taught us life long lessons to help us master our financial goals.

Thank you John for everything you have done, making us feel like we can achieve anything

Joe W. & Maria B.

First I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey and it was through their Coaching program that I found John at WayPoints Financial Services.  With a few short meetings, John has helped me to improve my financial well-being a tremendous amount.
There are a number of ways that he has helped me but one of the biggest ways has been coaching me through impulse buying, by training myself to always ask the question “What’s the opportunity cost?” when I’m considering bigger purchases.   I realize this may sound simple to a lot of people but being on my own I had no accountability, so it was particularly difficult.
I like how John taught me to prioritize my to-do and wish-list items.  Again this seems so simple, and working through the WayPoints framework and process made it a lot easier.
John helped me set up a detailed and simple plan and provided me the accountability and support to make it happen and be successful.
John, many, many thanks and keep up the great work!

The experience John provided me and my wife was definitely well worth the money spent. Not only did he help us set up a detailed and simple plan through his WayPoints System, but he made my wife a very important aspect of the program.

I am sure we will thrive and achieve our goal of becoming debt-free while we are in the hands of John.


To Future WayPoints Clients,
Feeling frustrated with my financial situation and not truly feeling like I have control over my finances I sought out to educate myself. I read Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” which really opened my eyes to how badly I was using or misusing my finances. The book was great but I still felt that I needed additional help to get me started on the road to financial freedom.
I looked on Dave Ramsey’s website for Financial Coaching Services, which would help me with this venture and that is when I came across John Murdock, a Ramsey Preferred Coach. I am a physician by training and have no formal education in the financial realm, but did not need someone to tell me that I needed a lot of help.
After working with John, from WayPoints Financial Services I finally feel that I have a grasp of my finances and have a road map to my goals. From my first conversation with John, it was made clear how I got myself into the financial position I am currently dealing with.
John made it easy and helped me set up and layout my monthly budget to see exactly where my money is going every month. He then provided me accountability and support to implement my pan and keep me motivated.  I felt that I knew where the money was going, but I was wrong. Having it laid out in the easy to use tools that they have created was like night and day when compared to my old method of recall or just looking at my monthly bank statement.
My the end of my time with John truly felt that becoming financially free is a possibility and one that I am now committed to making a reality very soon.
Thank you John for helping me in an area of my life that felt like an impossibility to control and thank you for making it so easy!
Neel Patel, MD

Our trust in your counsel began with you being referred to us as Ramsey Preferred Coaches by the Dave Ramsey organization in Nashville, Tennessee.
We appreciated your attitude and the professional and caring way that you approached our needs. We also found the teaching approach to your coaching helped us to recognize and attack the challenges that were before us in a systematic way.
One of the major hurdles we faced was that we each owned a condominium we desperately needed to sell. We had to sell them before we could proceed with the details of the budget formed as a result of your coaching. My condo was over $100K underwater, and hers at that time was expected to be under by at least $5K. We were operating each month at over a $700 loss. You referred us to a lender and a real estate broker you thought might be helpful. Those contacts led us to another referral.
Amazingly, both properties sold within 24 hours of their listing, and the short sale was done in less than four months. We came out ahead of the sale price by a few hundred dollars on my wife’s property.
Now that both properties are sold, we look forward to implementing our budget by first getting our “Emergency Funds” in place, as you counseled.
Thanks again for your help and guidance.

I highly recommend John Murdock and his WayPoints Financial Coaching Services. John has helped me tremendously over the last 4 years. His advice and guidance have been rock solid and I would have not been successful financially and in life without his services.

Thank you!

Candice Guillaudeu, MA, CBAP

Senior Technical Analyst, Veterans , Management Services, Inc.

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