Over the years, I have had many people take that step of faith and walk up to the front of the classroom and cut up ALL of their Credit Cards. Not because they decided to implement a budget, but because they decided that they needed to change the direction of their financial journey. They no longer wanted to be treading on dangerous waters and made a conscientious decision to stop the insanity.

Good personal finance management doesn’t stop at developing athGB8YG36T budget. It takes faith, courage and a behavior change to say enough-is-enough.

Anyone can put a dollar amount to a group of expense categories and call it a budget, but it takes commitment to live and breathe by the numbers you have established as part of your plan.

If you continue to use credit cards, then your plan will never work, you will never succeed and you will fall right in line with the majority of your neighbors and your friends.

If you really want to make a difference in your life and leave a legacy for your children, make the decision today to change your behavior about spending, learn to develop a plan, execute your plan and begin to live a life that is free of financial stress.

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