As I was making date night reservations for dinner tonight, I was reminded how simple it is to develop a budget and have a plan for my money.

People who don’t budget, live from the balance of their checkbook. Living by a checkbook is like having only one category to pull from.  If all your money is sitting in one spot, there is a greater chance you will overspend.

By dividing your income into all your expense categories (including savings and investments), you will maintain better control over the allocation you set for each category. It’s like having a separate envelope for everything you do.

When I opened up my copy of our proprietary WayPoints Financial Services Goal Planning System, I knew before I made the reservation, that I allocated $200 to the eating out fund. By using and tracking through this system, I am reminded every day what my balances are for every category I allocated funds to. With our system, there is no way I can overspend without consciously being aware of it.

Call us today and ask us to help you develop your own plan so you too can go to dinner with peace of mind knowing you have enough money to cover you for the rest of the month.

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