The heart of every dollar is the interest rate. If you are paying interest, you have a weak heart. If you are earning interest, you are financially healthy and have a strong heart.

Ever notice that when a bank advertises loans, the APR for personal loans are anywhere between 9% and 18%? But, when you deposit your money into savings, you are lucky to earn 3%.th3XOJPKUC

If we as a society could grasp the phenomenon of compound interest, we would never borrow money again.

Interest charged is a debt trap (Sound like death trap?). Interest earned is like exercise to the heart. The more you invest, the more you will benefit from growth due to compound interest.

Stay away from bank investing (unless you are saving an emergency fund) and find a financial advisor who is willing to research the best return for your risk tolerance.

Pay off your debt and begin to become financially healthy by investing those dollars you had been using to defeat your debt.

Over time, you will begin to see a dramatic change with your financial health.

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