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Why Your Financial Journey Begins With YOU!

As you read this, you are probably facing some type of financial challenge but don't know where to go or what to do to find the answers you need to move past this issue. Even I, as a financial coach, face numerous challenges everyday in both my personal life and in...

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Do you Prepare a Budget or a Cash Flow Plan?

Webster defines Budget as an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time. I define a Cash Flow Plan as a detailed account of the movement of cash into and out of a families household that has been allocated and placed into multiple expense categories...

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How Well do you Know your Paycheck?

A paycheck is issued by a company for services rendered by their respective employees. It is direct indicator of the value they place on the services that are provided. My 19 year old daughter is visiting this week and told me this morning that her bank account...

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Indulgent to Simple Challenge

Camping this past weekend reminded me how fun life can be when it is kept simple. While at the campground, all we needed was food. Internet was not available, cable TV inaccessible, restaurants and fast food stops too far away and the hustle and bustle of everyday...

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