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How Well do you Know your Financial Advisor?

Working in the Financial Services profession, I am always looking for better ways of doing things, better systems, more comprehensive services and better products. One thing I pride myself on is the fact that I thoroughly research before I decide to act on adopting a...

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Be honest – Would you pay $45,600 for a TV?

I was talking with a close friend of mine yesterday. He was excited to tell me that he just bought a Samsung 65" Curved 4K Ultra TV yesterday for only $3,000. As we were talking he disclosed to me that his monthly payment was going to be only $85. He told me that he...

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Creating Senior Sense

I had lunch with a Senior Citizen friend of mine yesterday who is still working as a School Bus Driver. I asked her during our conversation how much longer she had planned on working. Her response was so typical of so many Senior Americans. She told me that she plans...

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Are you “An Average American”?

Most people live their daily lives in a rush writing checks, swiping cards, paying bills, buying gifts and accumulating debt. But, they don't take the time to pay themselves and invest for their retirement future. In fact, 63% of Americans at age 64 are dependent on...

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Going Beyond Your Budget

There is so much hype out there encouraging people to develop a budget. All the personal finance Gurus preach about budgets, say you can't live without one, and teach you how to set up one. BUT, what happens after you sit down and create one? The focus has always been...

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How’s Your Health?

Many people I come in contact with are dealing with some type of health issue, are overweight, don't exercise, overeat, eat junk, smoke or are involved in a very unhealthy lifestyle. They find themselves in this position due to lack of knowledge, lack of discipline,...

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