WayPoints Financial Services, LLC is offering an opportunity to qualified candidates who want to make a genuine and meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Since 2010, WayPoints Financial Services has grown to become a uniquely branded Financial Navigation (Coaching) Service that provides innovative solutions that work.

We believe our business model is specialized and one of a kind and we are proud to offer our clients our WayPoints Financial GPS (Goal Planning System) that is unparalleled and superior to any other financial system on the market.

We offer this opportunity as a way to bring our business model and financial navigation philosophy to other parts of the nation while offering an inexpensive opportunity to motivated Financial Navigators (Coaches).

This is not a franchise venture or multi-level marketing business but an opportunity for dedicated Financial Navigators (Coaches) to join our WayPoints Financial Navigation Crew and work as independent contractors who are supported by WayPoints Financial Services.

We offer this opportunity to Financial Navigators (Coaches) who desire to operate their own business without the overhead burden both logistically and financially. When you add up all the operating costs and compare it to revenue, our profit margin is about 25%. Start-up costs for a new business like ours is around $45,000 when you add the cost of Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, LLC costs, Logo design,Trade name Costs, Marketing, Advertising, Client | Sales Management (CRM) System, Business Card Design, Brochure | Ad Designs, Financial System | Process, Tools, Resources, etc.  The monthly costs are at about 75% of generated revenue.

This business opportunity allows our Financial Navigators to do exactly what we do for a fraction of the costs and get paid for their value. It gives our Crew Members a top rated  to use, a  website, a branded logo, Social Media presence constant support for any client or business related issue they may have and much more.

As a WayPoints Financial Navigator, you will be provided with a well established Website, Branded Logo, Personal Bio, Social Media Presence, Proprietary Financial System | Process (WayPoints Financial GPS), Tools, Resources, Unlimited Support from the Company for any client and /or business related issue and monthly payments for the Financial Navigation (Coaching) you completed that month.  In addition, the company will also provide continual virtual training and other support.

This opportunity gives you, the Financial Navigator, the flexibility to Navigate (Coach) your clients without the headache of developing a business from scratch.  We have everything in place for you to get started without the cost of marketing, advertising, sales, website development, financial systems, tools, resources, and a business model that works.

If this interests you, please complete the Financial Navigator Opportunity Form.

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DISCLAIMER:  We do not sell any financial products, investments, instruments or endorse any financial service providers.  Financial Navigation (Coaching) is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with specific regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the WayPoints Financial Navigator is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment or other licensed professional advice.  Since your situation is fact-dependent, if needed, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, investment or other professional.

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