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Navigation Crew - Business Opportunity

Join our WayPoints Navigation Crew and serve others on their Financial Journey

while stepping into a turnkey business opportunity.

Enjoy low overhead, low start-up costs and immediate profitability.


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Entrepreneurial Business Opportunity

Become a member of our WayPoints Crew

Low Overhead

Corporate responsibility for most of the administrative and overhead costs.

High Profitability

Profitable from the start.

Rank Promotion

Grow with rank promotion and financial compensation through proficiency and production.

Proven Process

Learn a process that has proven successful, client after client.

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Tested System and Tools

Access to our exclusive one-of-a-kind multifunctional Financial GPS (Goal Planning System) to help financially navigate your clients.

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Corporate Support and Training

Corporate serves the Financial Navigator administratively, functionally, strategically and educationally.

Come Aboard

You may be a business owner, but are overwhelmed with the administrative burden of managing the business, or you may be feeling alone as you try to grow your business.  You may be an entrepreneur who has the desire to own a business, but the start-up costs are too high for you to pursue this dream, or you may be looking for an opportunity to manage a business without the worry of start-up, development or marketing.

If you have the desire to manage and grow a business without the administrative worry, then this opportunity is for you.  We will provide you with the training and support needed to grow a robust financial navigation business in your local area while being supported by the corporate office on all administrative levels.



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