Financial Navigation Chart

A WayPoints Financial Services GPS Tool


A Chart and Plan to Successfully Navigate Your Financial Journey


WayPoint 1 - Mayday Clear

Current on Food, Shelter, Utilities, Clothing and Transportation.
(Free of any crisis issues before beginning your Financial Journey)

WayPoint 2 - Zero In

Create and Maintain Zero $0.00 Based CashFlow Plan or Budget.
(Narrowing in on your target; narrowing your focus)

WayPoint 3 - Buffer Zone

Save Initial Emergency Fund $1000 – $2500.
(An area that is protected from assault and invasion)

WayPoint 4 - DebtWave

Payoff All Secured and Unsecured Debts from Lowest to Highest Balances not including Primary Residence.
(Wave energy can travel across the ocean for thousands of miles.  Smaller waves are consumed by larger waves.  The larger the wave becomes and the closer it gets to the shore, the greater its power and impact)


WayPoint 5 - Safe Zone

Save 6 Months of Living Expenses.
(Safety zones prohibit unauthorized entry thereby protecting sailors, mariners and fishermen by reducing the risk of collision, but they also protect the lives and equipment of those working in the safety zone)

WayPoint 6 - Homeward Bound

House with 20% Equity or Purchase House 20% Down Payment.
(After a battle was won or a mission completed, this saying, which is usually inscribed on a sailor’s tattoo or on a nautical object represented an amulet that sailors looked toward to ensure a safe return home)

WayPoint 7 - Forging Ahead

Invest 15% of household income.
(Moving ahead slowly and making progress)

WayPoint 8 - NavEd

Fund Children’s Education ESA, 529, UTMA\UTGA.
(The Navy heavily invests in education for its sailors to ensure they are the elite in their technical fields)

WayPoint 9 - Home Free

Pay off Primary Residence and Other Mortgage Debt (Refinance to 15 Year Term or Less with Lower APR %).
(When a ship is on the last leg of its journey, the crew begin to celebrate a successful mission and prepares for their return home)

WayPoint 10 - Flying Colours and Paying Out

Build Wealth and Give by Increasing Long Term Investments and Charity.
(When a ship sails into its home port at the end of a journey, the ship and crew demonstrate and celebrate their successful campaign and victory at sea with all flags and pennants flying high up, also known as “With Flying Colours.” On a sailing vessel, the term “Paying Out” is defined as: to loosen a rope by lengthening it or giving it slack)

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