I received a Fitbit for my birthday. A Fitbit is a small wireless device that is used to track my activity throughout the day and night. When worn during the day, this device will monitor the number of steps I take and the distance I walked. The Fitbit can be worn at night to track my sleep habits. It also tracks my heart rate, number of stairs climbed and has a workout function to track intensity, calories burned and duration of the workout. The web based dashboard is also a great tool that displays all the Fitbit th7B8TQ4CLstats and allows me to log my daily food intake so I can make sure calories burned is greater than calories consumed. All-in-all, it gives me a way to track my progress and make sound decisions concerning my workouts and foods I plan to eat. So far, I have lost 4 pounds and without this nifty tool, I would not have a way of tracking my progress.

Likewise, our WayPoints Financial GPS (Goal Planning System) can do the same thing for your financial health. It too helps you formulate a plan to reduce spending, it tracks your results and helps guide you towards developing goals so your inflow is greater than your outflow. It is a healthy way to plan your finances so you can win with money. With some practice, you can master cash-flow planning, track results, develop short and long term goals, watch your net-worth increase and retire with dignity. I love my Fitbit and you will love our GPS.

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