We are now deep into College Basketballs March Madness Tournament. Hundreds of thousands of people nationwide sat down prior to the tournament tipoff and spent hours strategizing their bracket winners and losers in hopes of being crowned the King or Queen of guessing the most winners and ultimately the overall champion. The gain…for fun or maybe to win the pool of money that was bet to make it competitive. What if this kind of energy and enthusiasm was put into planning and strategizing how to spend your money? Would you like to ‘WIN’ with money? Do you desire freedom with your finances? Do you want to retire with dignity knowing that your plan was executed and your efforts will be rewarded? With a little effort and know how, you can master your money, give every dollar a name and develop a plan that will ultimately bring you to your financial destination. Many people avoid a plan because they are afraid of being limited and restricted to their money. The truth is, with a well-developed plan, the opposite is true. Freedom is achieved when you take control and decide to tell your money where to go. Be a WINNER…make a plan.

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