We are often asked what a WayPoint is.  They are a set of coordinates that are used to chart a course so one can reach their destination in a timely and safe manner.  A WayPoint can be a physical object, a location or a reference point.  WayPoints Financial Services uses our own set of defined WayPoints to chart out a clients financial journey so they can reach their destination in a timely and unobstructed manner.  We chart their course according to their short term and long term goals.  We carefully analyze their income, debts, expenses, assets, investments, deductions and lifestyle needs and determine the best course of action they should take in order to reach their destination in the timeframe they have envisioned.  Our Goal Planning System (GPS) along with our experienced staff will give the client the best possible solutions that will bring them financial success.  my next 10 blogs will define and explain our 10 WayPoints Navigation Chart that we use to guide our clients on their financial journey.

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