Have you ever used a budget tool or cash flow system that did not quite perform as you had expected? Was there something missing with the tool that made it difficult to use or implement over a period of time? Did you get frustrated with the missing elements that were omitted when the tool was built?

There are numerous budgeting tools and systems available on the market via on-line and in software format. Some are free and some may cost you a purchase price or a subscription fee. Some may incorporate an aggregate component that ties your bank card transactions to the tool.

Many products out there do not have daily tracking tools built in or they may not be able to separate a monthly expense from a periodic expense. Many will not give you the flexibility to add your own category and some aggregate systems are unable to fully identify the classification of your purchase or expense.

Over the course of four years, WayPoints Financial Services developed a Financial GPS (Goal Planning System) that is unlike any other tool or system on the market. It’s not just a budgeting tool but a suite of tools that will give you financial information that is relevant and useful for your short and long term journey.

Our Financial GPS is a multi-functional and interactive financial management system developed for personal and small business use. This financial system will help you make sound objective decisions with managing your income, controlling spending, planning for your periodics, eliminating and staying out of debt, building an emergency fund, saving for purchases, investing for college and retirement, paying off your home early and building wealth. The system will also allow you to track your daily and monthly results helping you reach your short and long-term financial goals giving you the power to plan your financial journey.

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The Navigation Chart shown above, describes our 10 WayPoints and provides a realistic snapshot of your progress and projected target dates for completing each of the 10 Waypoints as you move forward with your financial journey.

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The CashFlow Plan shown above, allows you the leverage to give every dollar a name. It is a user friendly database input tool that allows you to freely enter your projected monthly expenditures, monitor your income, track your debts, and view your assets. It will compare your budget line-item allocations to the National Average and give you the ability to make adjustments that are most prudent to your lifestyle.

The Navigation Plan will give you recommended step-by-step actions for you to take to become successful. Your personal WayPoints Navigator will develop an individualized plan that is based off your needs and personal goals.

The Chart Locker will give you valuable resources for you to reference as you progress through your financial journey. It will contain websites, calculators, training videos, resource organizations and other pertinent information at your fingertips.


The Financial Freedom Score above, will revolutionize the way you think about money. It will provide you with a scorecard that will rate your individual success with money. You will no longer be concerned with your FICO score once you see this tool in action.

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The CashTrak Log is the propulsion system that will provide the thrust for implementing your plan. It will give you the necessary tool to track your expenditures in real time, give you the ability to plan your purchases in advance and monitor your daily cash flow. It will become your own personal virtual envelope.

The Navigation Instrument Panel provides the Financial Navigator with all the necessary gauges and calculators to monitor your progress and to make sure the proper navigation plan is prepared.

As you can see, Our Financial GPS is quite dynamic and versatile.  It is one of a kind and will help you make sound decisions as you move forward with your financial journey.

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DISCLAIMER:  We do not sell any financial products, investments, instruments or endorse any financial service providers.  Financial Navigation (Coaching) is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with specific regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the WayPoints Financial Navigator is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment or other licensed professional advice.  Since your situation is fact-dependent, if needed, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, investment or other professional.

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