Camping this past weekend reminded me how fun life can be when it is kept simple. While at the campground, all we needed was food. Internet was not available, cable TV inaccessible, restaurants and fast food stops too far away and the hustle and bustle of everyday life put aside for three days.

We had a blast fishing, playing ball, throwing Frisbee, skipping rocks and playing cards at night. Sitting by the campfire and listening to the radio was serene and relaxing. On our drive home, I daydreamed of a life that was more filled with simplistic pleasures.

There was no opportunity for boredom, or to internet shop, or spend money frivolously. Nature pulled us in, captivated our hearts and gave us peace we rarely experience in our everyday lives.

What if we made our lives a little simpler? Think about how much money you could save by eliminating the distracters and all the costly activities and indulgences you have adopted as part of your lifestyle.

Since I track my income and expenses on a daily basis, I wanted to challenge myself to see what keeps me from living simplistic. I was a bit surprised when I reviewed my last 30 days of expenditures. There were at least $350 worth of expenses that were indulgent in nature and produced very little satisfaction after their purchase.

We are a society of immediate gratification but seem never satisfied and always wanting more. Let’s take some time today and assess our indulgences, analyze our unnecessary spending habits and make some changes in our lives so we can get back to a simpler but more enjoyable life.

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