A paycheck is issued by a company for services rendered by their respective employees. It is direct indicator of the value they place on the services that are provided.

My 19 year old daughter is visiting this week and told me this morning that her bank account continues to become smaller and that she THINKS the company she works for owes her money.

Since she is in school, my daughter works a few days a week scheduling interpreters for the hearing impaired. She works virtually from home, answering the phone and updating the master schedule.

She complained to me that she is supposed to have direct deposit, but occasionally will receive a paper check. She also stated that she had not seen a check or direct deposit since April. After some digging, I discovered that she had only one direct deposit and 6 checks issued since she started 6 months ago. She is missing at least 5 to 6 paychecks from what I can tell.

This is a lesson that we all need to intimately understand and become very close to. If you are working a job, you deserve to be issued payment for the services you have provided. Your responsibility is to know when you are scheduled to get paid, if it is direct deposit or paper check and if it is the correct amount.

Additionally, you need to know what your rate of pay is multiplied by the number of hours worked. If you worked overtime, then you need multiply the overtime hours by the differential. If you are salaried and get paid every 2 weeks, divide your annual salary by 26.

Lastly, you need to review all your taxes and deductions to ensure you are not paying for something you did not agree to and to make sure the amounts look correct. Make sure your exemptions are what you thought they were and that your vacation time/sick leave is accumulating correctly.

When you receive your pay statement, look at every line item for accuracy and correctness. If you find a discrepancy, notify your supervisor or HR rep immediately. Make sure you know your Paycheck.

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