I had lunch with a Senior Citizen friend of mine yesterday who is still working as a School Bus Driver. I asked her during our conversation how much longer she had planned on working. Her response was so typical of so many Senior Americans. She told me that she plans on working until she can no longer physically drive. My heart sunk, realizing that her standard of living would become diminished once she is no longer able.

She stated that her and her husband drove to Florida once a year and frequently travel to a camp they own several hours away. So their life is active and they seem happy. Her husband is also still working as a Security Guard and plans to stay there until he is also no longer able.

Once they are no longer able to work or if one of them becomes incapacitated or dies, their standard of living will be reduced to welfare level. This is an outrage! Here is a couple who worked all their lives, made over $1,000,000 collectively and have virtually nothing to show for it. No retirement savings, still paying on debt and will become dependent on Social Security to survive on.

My friends, we must change our behavior with money and develop a different strategy so we can begin to WIN with money. We must find a way to create a healthy Financial Journey so we can keep our dignity well into our Senior years.

Let’s create a financial revival NOW and begin to plan for our future, so we are no longer dependent, but independent in our Golden Years.

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