My 1962 home is in need of a back door. The current door is probably the original door and provides no insulation during those very frigid days of winter. The single pane window frosts up and the draft around the seal feels like a blowing air conditioner extending a chill to anyone standing close by.

Since I live by the same standards as our business promotes, I save up for all my home improvement needs. Since I reached by budgeted amount, I decided it was time to find a reliable contractor to provide me with a product and installation quote.

Since it is just a rear entry door facing the back yard, my specifications were very simple. I wanted a basic half window door with standard hardware and a simple, yet durable screen door.

I decided to call a very popular window and door company who scheduled a consultation with me to discuss all my options. Keep in mind, that I wanted simple and inexpensive.

To my amazement, the cheapest quote he could muster was $4,000. REALLY! The appointment was scheduled for 90 minutes…after 20 I told him his services would not be needed.

I live and breathe by sound financial principles and refuse to acknowledge and give credence to overpriced and hyped up products.

I may not get the top of the line product and service, but I will get a quality door installed for much less. Don’t be bullied or pressured to make a deal that you don’t feel comfortable with. Shop around and do your homework.

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