When I took my first Ocean Cruise, I was mesmerized by the vastness of the sea and the visible horizon that spanned 360 degrees around the ship’s deck. I was taken aback by the fact that my journey, although plotted and pre-planned, was taking me across an immeasurable abyss. My journey was in the hands of the ship’s navigation crew and their high tech GPS equipment that would plot our journey from one WayPoint to the next.

How similar is this to our financial journey? Over a lifetime we can expect, on average,th28MQIXYZ $1,000,000 to pass through our fingers. If we voyage through life without a financial plan, we will get lost in the vast abyss and lose any chance of holding on to even the smallest fraction of that money. It will be lost and never regained. Our journey will be turbulent, hard to navigate and we may never even reach our financial destination.

Your voyage can be free of obstacles, and smooth sailing by deploying a logical plan that will guide you with making sound financial decisions from embarkation to disembarkation.

Cash flow planning is the key to true financial success. With a well defined plan, every dollar you make will be given a title and will be used for its own function. Credit card purchases will be eliminated, emergencies covered, and long term goals secured. Your plan will include crisis intervention, debt elimination and avoidance, short term savings goals, and retirement savings.

Take control of your financial journey and develop a plan today so your tomorrow will be smooth sailing.

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