Our Story and Journey

WayPoints Financial Services, LLC Our Story and Journey begins in June 2010 with serving clients from a small office in Sykesville, MD, our local community and surrounding areas.  The country and most of the world was in the middle of a major financial economic crisis, which economists called a major recession.  This recession and near economic depression was unlike anything most generations, other than the Greatest Generation who lived through the Great Depression between 1929-1938, had ever seen in their lifetime.

Understanding and empathizing with the financial stress and emotional anxiety our neighbors and fellow citizens were experiencing, we saw an opportunity and need to start guiding and educating others to help resolve their financial issues, which were taking away their options in life.  Specifically and more importantly, we wanted to serve others by offering practical and effective Financial Solutions that creates Financial Freedom.


Our Core Beliefs and Values, guides us in everything we do as a company.  We decided from day one that the primary core value in our company would be Integrity.  This was critical since our company’s genesis was because the global economy nearly collapsed from the lack of integrity, transparency and practices of a significant segment of the financial industries and governments alike.  The unethical, and perhaps immoral and illegal practices in the financial sales, services and management of financial products and instruments, i.e. Debt Products and Investment Instruments, needed an organization to educate, guide and serve the consumer in a healthy manner.

Therefore, everything we plan, develop and how we serve our clients is with this primary core value of Integrity at the forefront of our business.  These are not just words spoken; we practice what we teach, both in our business and our personal lives, by living a healthy financial life with genuine purpose and intention.  Transparency is another key core value and as an example of what we model, our company has never borrowed money (capital) for our business and is 100% Debt Free.

Our 3 Core Beliefs

“Money is just a tool that weaves through the tapestry of your life, it touches every part of the fabric”  – Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Solutions

“When you change the way you manage your finances, the finances you manage change.”  – John B. Murdock, WayPoints Financial Services, LLC

“Money is just an idea and exists solely on trust”  – John B. Murdock, WayPoints Financial Services, LLC


What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How or 5W1H are great interrogative words that are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering and problem solving.  Everyone starts with these words when looking for guidance with their finances.

We always help with the What, Who, When, Where, Why and How in a very comprehensive approach with our clients and their finances.  Our talents and skillsets are best demonstrated as Financial Navigators (Coaches) by following this method and where we provide the most value.  We excel in the clarity of the Why because once the concept of Why is understood, we know our clients can begin to change their thinking, feelings, and behaviors about their money or finances and more importantly, truly begin to make progress.

What?     “We Offer Hope and a Plan”

Who?      “We are Highly Skilled and Talented Financial Navigators (Coaches)

When?    “We Serve our Clients during their Financial Journey or whenever they need Us”

Where?   “We will Help you no matter where you are on your Financial Journey”

Why?       “We genuinely care about helping you achieve Financial Freedom”

How?       “We will guide you on Your Financial Journey with empathy and compassion”


Our WayPoints Financial Navigation Crew is the heart of the company and consists of highly skilled Financial Coaches who are called WayPoints Financial Navigators or Coaches.  They are all Ramsey Solutions – Master Financial Coaches, who acquired their training with Ramsey Solutions in Brentwood, Tennessee. Our Financial Navigators are passionate and bring diverse skills, backgrounds, education and experience to the organization with the common goal to help you Navigate Your Financial Journey and Chart A Course to Financial Freedom.

We pride ourselves with the compassion and empathy we offer, while we navigate (guide), educate, encourage and inspire our clients toward making sound and healthy financial decisions on their Financial  Journey in life.

Currently, our company has grown to 3 offices and we serve clients throughout the United States and internationally.


Our Financial Services, Systems, and Processes we provide are unique and proprietary.  We DO NOT sell any financial instruments or products (Investments, Insurances, Debt Management or Relief, etc.) because we want to maintain objectivity and more importantly Integrity and Transparency.

Our Services are comprehensive in scope and value and our Systems are intuitive and simple to use.


Financial Navigation (Coaching)

Organization – Financial Wellness Service

Business – Financial Navigation (Coaching) Service



WayPoints Financial GPS (Goal Planning System)

WayPoints Financial Freedom Score

EveryDollar Mobile App


Our Core Financial Principles give our clients the ability to reach their personal financial, organization and business goals.

WayPoints Financial Principles

Focus (Pay Attention)

Organize (Create Plan)

Prioritize (Choose Goals) 

Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach logo

DISCLAIMER:  We do not sell any financial products, investments, instruments or endorse any financial service providers.  Financial Navigation (Coaching) is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with specific regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the WayPoints Financial Navigator is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment or other licensed professional advice.  Since your situation is fact-dependent, if needed, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, investment or other professional.

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