John B. Murdock

WayPoints Master Financial Navigator | President | Founder

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

John was born December 5th, 1963 at the US Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune United States Marine Corps Base and raised nearby in Jacksonville, NC on the southeastern coast of NC below the outer banks.  He was the fourth child and older twin of a sister in a family of five children and grew up in a middle class community, which supported the US Marine Corps Base, retired marines and sailors along with the local farming communities.

At an age of 14, John worked part-time with his father aboard the base in a military enlisted club earning money by recycling aluminium cans, cleaning the food and bar areas and stocking.  By the age of 15 through the age of 19 he worked full-time in the club system as a cook, bartender and eventually duty manager.  From 19 – 22 years of age, John worked full-time in health care as an Orderly in a County Hospital, a Mental Health Care Technician in a Neuropsychiatric Hospital and as an Emergency Medical Technician–Intermediate and Assistant Manager for an ambulance service.  The valuable lessons he learned during this time in his life built John’s work ethic and helped him understand the true value of work and financial compensation.

During this same period of time, John attended High School and a community college while volunteering his time with multiple organizations (Fire Department, Rescue Squad and Church).  Understanding the importance of giving back to others, taught to him by his parents, gave John the true understanding and importance of positive attitude, work ethic, discipline, integrity, commitment, kindness and giving back to others.

John attended Catawba Valley Technical College in Hickory, NC in the western part of the state pursuing a degree in Emergency Medical Science.  John worked full-time in the movie theatre industry while attending college full-time and maintaining a GPA of 3.8.

After 3 years of college, John decided to pursue a career in the theatre industry and went on to work for United Artists Theatre Circuit for 9 years in various management and corporate roles.  He has worked as a Theatre Manager in both NC and MD and as a Corporate Regional Advertising Coordinator in Atlanta, GA.

Following his career in the theatre business, John went on to work in the Long Term Care Institutional Pharmacy industry in various management and corporate positions, including General Manager, Pharmacy Manager and Corporate Implementation and Training Manager.  After 21 years, John retired from this industry in June 2014 to dedicate his life with his business to helping others win with money and become financially free.

As John matured both in his professional and personal life, his ignorance grew in managing money and he continued putting his financial life at tremendous risk with accumulating debts (Mortgages, Home Equity Line of Credit, Credit Cards, Car and Personal Loans etc.).  Like many individuals in America, he was normal and chased after more income to keep up with debt he had incurred over time.  During this time in his life, he accumulated over $375 thousand dollars in debt and had very little or no assets to show for it.  However, because of the integrity and principles he learned at an early age he was never late or defaulted on a payment to any of his debtors or other financial obligations, but the constant worry and stress of keeping up was taking a toll on all aspects of his life.  After a major life event in 2010, John decided to live financially free and charted a new course on his financial journey by implementing a financial navigation plan, with sound and proven financial principals.  This new course required a positive attitude, commitment and persistence.  By learning, following and implementing a proven process and system, John won with money and created financial freedom in his life.

John is totally Debt Free and dedicates his life fulltime to serving, teaching and inspiring others to do the same in their lives in order to win with money and have Financial Freedom.

John’s vision and mission is to  encourage, navigate, teach, and inspire others to live and have a Financially Free Life.

John B. Murdock is the founder and owner of WayPoints Financial Services, LLC and currently resides in the Pittsburgh, PA area. 

WayPoints Financial Services, LLC provides customized Point-by-Point Financial Guidance, Education, Accountability and Resources using a proprietary Financial System and Process called WayPoints Financial GPS (Goal Planning System) along with a network of highly trained and skilled Financial Navigators, that have the heart of a teacher and coach.

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DISCLAIMER:  We do not sell any financial products, investments, instruments or endorse any financial service providers.  Financial Navigation (Coaching) is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with specific regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the WayPoints Financial Navigator is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment or other licensed professional advice.  Since your situation is fact-dependent, if needed, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, investment or other professional.

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