Bryan D. Angelilli

WayPoints Master Financial Navigator | Director

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Bryan was born in Georgia in 1983 and his parents moved to Maryland when he was 3 years old. Bryan has considered Harford County, Maryland his home for the past 28 years. He grew up with two older brothers and a younger sister. His parents instilled in him the importance of hard work and commitment to everything he started.

At 19 Bryan married his wife. When he turned 21, he started college. His goal was to pursue a degree in history so that he could teach. Bryan graduated from Harford Community College, summa cum laude in 2006 with an Associate degree in History. At graduation he had the distinct honor of being the student commencement speaker for his graduating class. He then transferred to Clark University in Worcester, MA where he again graduated with high honors and received his Bachelors degree in U.S. History and a Masters degree in Secondary Urban Education.

When Bryan and his wife moved back to Maryland in 2010, they settled into a house in Jarrettsville. That fall, he started teaching U.S. History and a Public Speaking course part-time at Harford Community College. What they also brought home with them from college was a lot of student loan debt and good intentions to pay it off.

Over the next four years Bryan and his wife worked extra hours and manipulated their budget in hopes of getting ahead financially. They did everything they knew to make a difference in their student loan debt that was only second to their mortgage as their highest monthly expenditure.

To help in this venture, they started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) that initially got Bryan in contact with WayPoints Financial Services. The information they received from FPU helped pay off some of the smaller non-student loan debts. However they were still throwing pebbles into an ocean when it came to student loans. Because there was no progress in the student loans and it seemed hopeless, they very quickly regressed into bad spending habits and simply took the money they had freed up and rolled it over into new debts. By the summer of 2014 there had still been no progress and they realized that big changes needed to happen. That’s when they decided to reconnect with WayPoints Financial Services, to seriously tackle this mountain of debt.

Within two coaching sessions with John Murdock his WayPoints Navigator, Bryan realized that the only way to get rid of the student loans in less than 20 years was to make a drastic and life changing decision. Bryan and Candice decided that selling their house was what they had to do. The one thing that for them said, “we had made it” “that we were a success”. This was their first house and a house they invested time and money into renovating. The house they wanted to grow old in. The exact same house that they brought their two kids home to from the hospital. The house where their kids would learn to ride their bikes and grow up. Now it was gone. This dream that they had for the future was gone. Within five weeks of putting their house on the market it sold and Bryan started a new path to reshape his family’s future. A future where they would have no debt and a future where they knew they could recreate all those memories they thought were gone.

During this time period, John Murdock, President of WayPoints Financial Services asked him to join their team as a WayPoints Financial Navigator. Since joining the WayPoints team, Bryan has completed Financial Peace University and is working on the fourth WayPoint. In February 2015 Bryan will complete the Dave Ramsey Master Series training. His goal is to help anyone seeking financial freedom but specifically to work with young adults to start on the right financial path.


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