Our Mission

is to navigate, teach, encourage and inspire others to live and lead a Financially Free Life.

What We Provide

We provide a comprehensive Financial Navigation Service, Financial Goal Planning System and Financial Navigator Business Opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create innovative financial solutions and expand our organization’s national footprint with our Network of Financial Navigators in order to meet the needs of our clients and communities.

Our Story

WayPoints Financial Services, LLC consists of highly skilled Financial Coaches who call themselves WayPoints Financial Navigators. They are all Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches, attended training with Ramsey Solutions in Brentwood, Tennessee and bring diverse talents to the organization.  READ MORE

WayPoints Financial Services

Our Corporate Logo 

This Logo captures the true essence of symbolism it represents.  The “W”, of course, represents the first letter of our Company name and will stand alone as an icon for our business.

The center of the “W” is represented by a Compass or Divider Caliper. A Seagoing Navigator uses the Divider Caliper to plot out and measure a course for a vessel to transverse along with minimal disruption and delays caused by weather or turbulent seas.  Our Compass represents our Navigators plotting a personalized course for your life’s Financial Journey using the Financial WayPoints as coordinates on the Navigation Chart Line…READ MORE

Meet Our Navigation Crew

Our team is made up of diverse backgrounds, education and experience with the common goal to help navigate  you on your financial journey.  To learn more about each crew member follow the link.

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